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Poppy - 27

Posted : 10/05/2021 at 10:00 (1 month ago )

BDSM Asian Queen Training 24/7

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I am an Asian woman from HK and love kink and super power.

I believe that BDSM is one of the most effective ways to understand our psychology deeply, face ourselves, our true desires and things that help us grow. I believe this will make us loyal to our hearts. I like to go deep into your shadow.

I have a special liking for those who are eager to serve and obey me, and those who are well-integrated in psychological games, bondage and denial. I think my style is sensual, strict, fun and sadistic. I am gentle and harsh, gentle and rigorous.

I am looking for obedient, sissy, people who like mental games and fans.

The meeting with me remained paused and pleasant between the moment of breathing and whipping.

I like dinner and domination, here I will know you and cause you a deep injury in the game. I also like long-distance domination.

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