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Miss Lana - 45

Posted : 27/06/2021 at 08:21 (1 year ago )

Sexy Mature Companion for Gent 50+++

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Hi, my name is Lana.

I am a mature, sexy, stunning professional career woman who has come to the conclusion that traditional relationships do not work for me.
Hence why I am here...

My profile is EXCLUSIVELY for mature gentlemen 50 who are top of their game that crave the comfort of 100% discreet, sensual, companionship without all the constraints, drama and transparency that comes with traditional relationships.
They are smart and understand all savvy business involves both parties providing an exchange, which is a clear way to set boundaries, everyone knows what is expected and nothing can get blurred.

Why book me?
Good question...
Well, I am THAT woman, who walks into a restaurant & everyone turns their head...
In my prime, A confident in my body, sensual and authentic.
I am here because I CHOOSE TO BE, unapologetically myself, discreet & was born a seductress.
If you are looking for a quick bang or a checklist, please move on.
I am a slow burn, a woman who caters only for the mature gent 50 looking to reward himself by attaining a regular companion who is discreet & creative like myself.
Please do not be fooled by my demure, sophisticated presence when you first meet me. Once my nerves subside, I can be a submissive sweet sex kitten you can play & massage with, to taking control and being a very sexy, mature woman that wants to...
Well, I will leave the rest to your imagination...
​​I have a very approachable/positive aura, beautiful facial features that are reflective of my kind & generous nature. I enjoy good conversation, having a laugh, mentorship and listening.
As I am a low volume provider, I can assure you, if we click - I will dote upon you and be fully present, enjoying our mutual needs being satisfied...
My positive/supportive energy is very attractive to be around & I have been told I bring good luck, which makes me laugh, still it is nice to hear.

If this is your profile above, please click on my website to find out more...

I look forward to meeting you soon,

Lana xxx

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