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PayGal is the new standard in online Escort booking platforms. If you are a customer looking for Sydney Escorts for example, PayGal couldn’t be easier - no entering of details or email addresses, no credit cards - you can remain totally anonymous - PayGal costs you nothing to use and you deal directly with the Sydney Escort of your choice. If you are a Sydney Escort you can be live online in just a few minutes and in complete control of your business for free. Of course, we don’t just have Escorts in Sydney!

What types of Escorts does PayGal allow to advertise?

We don’t have a type - whatever type of Escort service for consenting adults you are looking for as a customer or provide as an Escort, PayGal has it! We’ve got super hot Escorts, curvy Escorts, submissive Escorts, dominating Escorts, BDSM Escorts, GFE’s (Girlfriend experiences), PSE’s (Porn star experiences) all races and colours, shapes and sizes - you name it - PayGal has it!

What is an Escort?

An Escort is a person that provides companionship and part of that companionship generally includes sexual services which are negotiated prior to a booking.

Is Escorting legal?

In many countries sex workers are legal including in all states of Australia in some form or another. If you are planning on escorting in other countries it’s recommended you check the laws in that country first, because in some countries it is illegal. Escorting is a thriving industry in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, The Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin.

Why use PayGal Escorts?

Most Escorts want to be totally independent from any form of control or agent. Some others are happy to fall under the umbrella of a managing agent. PayGal has been set up to allow Escorts, Courtesans and Call Girls to be as independent as they want to be - allowing them to create their own Escort identities, profiles, dictating their own prices and all their own conditions of service with no interference or restrictions. The only restrictions that PayGal imposes is that all Adult Service Providers must be at least 18 and that they are not forced or coerced into this type of work in any shape or form.
PayGal is also available to agents enabling them to showcase any of the escorts they have on their books.
But most importantly PayGal’s prices are extremely competitive for this type of platform giving Escorts real time control to post their ads precisely when they want them to appear.

Where does PayGal operate?

PayGal started with Escorts in Sydney but the beauty of the platform is that an Escort can set her profile location for any city in the world (provided Escorting is legal in that country). For example, you might live in Sydney and set your profile as an Escort in Sydney, but if you are going interstate to Melbourne or even overseas for a month and you’d like to work while you are there - simply change your location and your profile will appear in PayGal searches there. At this stage this will mainly work in the different cities of Australia but PayGal’s plan is a global one eventually.

How easy is it to use PayGal?

Paygal’s sign up process is extremely simple and fast, getting you online and in the marketplace immediately. Once you have created your profile you can then easily set your auto boost times and watch the bookings roll in! Being an Escort in Australia has never been easier!

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